Sample PrintED Competencies

Introduction to Graphic Communications

  • Define the role of graphics in the free enterprise system
  • Design a page with appropriate margins, formatting, guides, trims, and folds
  • Explain the difference between line art and continuous tone originals
  • Perform basic setup for printing a single-color job
  • Measure volume for mixing chemicals for pressroom operations

Press Operations

  • Identify plate-processing methods
  • Perform make-ready steps for paper: sheet size, impression cylinder pressure, etc
  • Print a single-color, 2-sided job using work and tumble
  • Demonstrate proper wash-up techniques for inking system, dampening system, and cylinders

Binding and Finishing

  • Demonstrate knowledge for paper types related to their cutting, folding and binding characteristics
  • Describe and identify various coating and laminating techniques
  • Use folding equipment to produce high-folio lip signature and a low-lip signature and describe the advantages of both
  • Observe commercial bindery operations

Digital File Preparation

  • Define removable media
  • Explain letter spacing, tracking and kerning of type characteristics
  • Set up/select appropriate pagination for a given job
  • Demonstrate importing scanned digital images into page layout software
  • Create a design using tints and fills for a given job using a graphics program

Digital File Output

  • Calibrate a film imagesetter
  • Prepare analog plates (expose, process, inspect, and store)
  • List the considerations in imaging related to the characteristics of paper and other printing substrates (foil, plastic)
  • Describe the use of plate scanning and ink key presetting technologies

Advanced Press Operations

  • Identify and use a mechanical control of registration
  • Identify various varnishes and coatings and describe the reasons for using each
  • Interpret color bars on a press sheet to determine corrective actions, if necessary
  • Describe the various types of digital printing and their advantages and disadvantages compared to offset printing

Advanced Digital File Preparation

  • Describe the strengths and weaknesses of TIFF, EPS, PICT, PDF, and DCS in a Post-Script environment
  • Perform tone correction using curves and unsharp masking
  • Explain dot grain and its effect on the prep of an image file
  • Demonstrate knowledge of densitometry and spectrophotometry