PrintED Accreditation/Reaccreditation Flow Chart

Instructor submits completed application//$1800 fee to GAERF.

If the instructor is new to the program, an Instructor Data Form must be completed, which determines whether the individual meets the qualifications to become an approved PrintED instructor. If the instructor is approved, GAERF will assign an Evaluation Team Leader (ETL) to mentor the program.

ETL conducts on-site facility inspection and submits Facility, Equipment and Safety Inspection Report to GAERF.

The instructor will assemble standards binders by following the directives provided by the ETL. Once the binders have been completed, the ETL should notify GAERF and self-evaluation documents will be sent to the instructor.

Instructor and at least two members of the Advisory Committee conduct a self-evaluation of the program, by using the Self-Evaluation Packet and Standards & Evaluation Guides provided by GAERF. The instructor forwards the

ETL reviews documents and the standards binder, and makes recommendations to the instructor if changes must be made to the program.  If requirements are met, instructor and ETL determine a date for a final evaluation to be scheduled.

ETL informs GAERF of the final evaluation date. GAERF will forward final evaluation materials to the instructor. The instructor forms a final evaluation team of local industry professionals and submits the Team Member Assignment form and Accreditation Notification form to GAERF thirty days prior to the event.

GAERF forwards final evaluation materials to ETL. Evaluation team completes evaluation.

ETL submits Final Evaluation Report to GAERF.

GAERF awards five-year accreditation or reaccreditation to the program, forwards the institution a plaque, and lists the accredited program on the web site. Students in accredited programs are eligible to participate in PrintED standardized certification examinations.