PrintED Certifications-Rhode Island

School Introduction to GC Digital File Preparation Press Operations
Chariho Career & Technical Center Certification-2006 Certificate of Completion-2006 Certificate of Completion-2006
459 Switch Road Naomi Andrews Shawn Durning Naomi Andrews
Wood River Junction, RI 02894 Danielle Bentley Certification-2006 Danielle Bentley
(401) 364-6869, ext. 2730 Shawn Durning Naomi Andrews Certification-2006
Fax: (401) 364-1191 Jennifer Read Certification w/Distinction-2006 Jennifer Read
Instructor: Brenda Sonnenschein Certification-2007 Jennifer Read Certificate of Completion-2008 Katie J. Breault Certification-2007 Josh Ingram
Kirsten L. Hansen Katie J. Breault Certification-2008
Stephen Z. Lauzon Certificate of Completion-2008 David Hansen
Tiffany N. Torres David Hansen  
Certificate of Completion-2008 Certification-2009  
Mohammed Awad Samantha Boutin  
Connor Williamson Ann-Marie Richmond  
Certification-2008 Certificate of Completion-2009  
David Hansen Scott Johnsen  
  Scott Johnsen    
  Certificate of Completion-2009    
  Ann-Marie Richmond    
  Certificate of Completion-2010 Certification-2010  
  Sophie Colon Sophie Colon  
School Introduction to GC Digital File Preparation Press Operations
Newport Area Career & Technical Center Certification-2010 Certification-2009  
15 Wickham Road Kayla Lanio Christopher Isherwood  
Newport, RI 02840   Certificate of Completion-2009  
Phone: (401) 849-3608   Brittany Keefe  
Fax: (401) 849-4670   Bethany Lopes  
Instructor: David J. Connell   Robert Seymour   Certification-2010  
  Lindsay Butler  
  Alexander Carrellas  
  Kayla Lanio  
  Jose Miller  
  Hayley Pires  
  Certification with Distinction-2010   
  Mitchell Kalble  
  Amanda Powers  
School Introduction to GC Digital File Preparation Press Operations
Woonsocket Area Career & Technical Center Certificate of Completion-2009    
400 Aylsworth Avenue Christina Lauzon    
Woonsocket, RI 02895      
Phone: (401) 767-4662      
Fax: (401) 767-4665      
Instructor: Bill Webb