Although the maximum amount of time allowed for completion of the PrintED accreditation process is eighteen months, some programs receive accreditation in a shorter time frame. The following timeline is provided as a suggested guideline for completing the accreditation within 12 months.

Completion Time: 1 month

The instructor completes the PrintED application and submits it along with the $1800 fee to GAERF. After processing the application, GAERF will request that the instructor completes the Instructor Data Form, which will be sent to an Evaluation Team Leader (ETL) for assessment. Should the program meet the necessary qualifications to begin the PrintED accreditation process, GAERF will forward PrintED materials to the instructor and request that the ETL contact the instructor.

Completion Time: 1 month

The ETL will conduct an on-site facility inspection to evaluate the lab and classroom, make recommendations for the program, and provide instruction on how to assemble the standards binders. If the facility is not found to be acceptable, it will be necessary for the instructor to make the recommended changes before a final evaluation can be scheduled. 

Completion Time: 6-9 months

The standards binders will contain material to document that the program has met the required six standards in each area being accredited. This process will begin as a “gathering of materials and documents”. It is recommended that the instructor set aside a specified period of time at least once a week to locate the necessary materials.

  • One binder should be designated for Standards 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6. It will contain mostly administrative material and general information about the program.
  • A separate binder should be designated for Standard 3, which is specific to each area of accreditation. Standard 3 is the most time-intensive, requiring the instructor to determine if each required competency is being taught using the current curriculum. Although PrintED does not provide its own course of study, the Multistate Academic and Vocational Curriculum Consortium (MAVCC) has developed a curriculum that aligns with PrintED standards.

The program’s ETL will serve as a mentor during the accreditation process and the ETL should contact the instructor monthly to keep each other aware of the progress being made in the process.

Completion Time: 1 month

Approximately, six to ninth months after beginning the accreditation process, the instructor and at least two members of the Advisory Committee are required to conduct a self-evaluation of the program. GAERF will provide the documents to be used in the review, which are signed and returned to the Foundation.

Completion Time: 12 months after beginning the accreditation process

The final evaluation marks the culmination of the accreditation process. An evaluation team will conduct a final assessment of the program once the ETL and the instructor decide that the program being accredited has satisfied all required program standards. The instructor and the ETL will determine a mutually agreeable date for the evaluation to take place when students are present. GAERF must be notified by the ETL of the upcoming evaluation one month prior to the date of the event in order to send information to both the instructor and the ETL.