PrintED Standards

Standard 1: Instructional Staff

The instructional staff must maintain technical competency, meet the requirements to be an approved PrintED instructor, and meet all state and local requirements for accreditation.

Standard 2: Facility, Equipment, and Safety

The physical facility must be adequate to permit achievement of the program goals and performance objectives. In addition, the equipment must be of the type and quality found in the industry. Both the facility and equipment must meet today’s safety standards.

Standard 3: Instruction

Program curriculum must include current industry tasks, safety procedures, acceptable work habits and ethics, and testing and evaluating procedures.

Standard 4: Purpose

Program must have clearly stated goals related to student services and employers served.

Standard 5: Administration

Administration must insure that instructional activities support and promote the goals of the program.

Standard 6: Program Budget

Funding must be provided to meet the approved program goals and performance objectives.