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November 12, 2013

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Free One-Stop Online Resource for Job Seekers and Employers Connects Industry Professionals and Skilled Workforce Candidates

Reston, VA—The Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation (GAERF), has announced the launch of a FREE Industry Career Center (graphicCOMMcentral.org/Career) located at graphicCOMMcentral, the gateway to the graphic communications industry for students and educators. This new online career resource allows companies and educational institutions to register open positions, including internships, and for students and educators to post their resumes and search for industry-related employment opportunities, all at no charge.

The Graphic Communications industry is fast-paced, highly competitive and operating in a state of flux, presenting daunting challenges for employers to find skilled and qualified workers. The graphicCOMMcentral Industry Career Center is designed to connect talented individuals with employers and keep them in the industry, helping to address the employment issues the industry faces.

Educators will find the Industry Career Center of value when seeking university professorships or teaching positions at secondary or post-secondary institutions.  Additionally, the new online resource is the ideal place to identify potential candidates for open job positions at community colleges, colleges and universities.

“The creation of this free Industry Career Center is a timely response to a core issue our industry must address today – finding quality employees to fill positions that require a specific knowledge and skill set. In a workplace that is becoming increasingly more complex and competitive, it is essential to have a means to identify capable and well-qualified employees.  If we can meet this need, the industry’s future will remain bright,” commented GAERF President Ralph Nappi.

This innovative career service, managed by the OutputLinks Communications Group, is designed to provide a global resource to identify open positions and available talent in the graphic communications industry. “Adding and retaining talented professionals in our industry is a strategic mission of the OutputLinks Communications Group,” said Andy and Julie Plata, co-CEOs of the OLGroup. “This career service drives that mission, and we are delighted to work with GAERF in this important initiative.”

About graphicCOMMcentral.org
The website, graphicCOMMcentral, is the gateway to the graphic communications industry for students and educators. Its content is supplied and monitored by industry professionals providing visitors with direct access to the latest education and industry information, a free job board, interactive social networking, and streaming media. For more information about the Industry Career Center, visit: graphicCOMMcentral.org/Career.

The Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation was created by the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL), NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing, and Converting Technologies and the Printing Industries of America in 1983. These three national associations jointly own the Graphic Arts Show Company (GASC®). GAERF was created to channel a portion of the revenues earned by GASC-managed shows into projects supporting a strong future for the industry.  For additional information about the Foundation and its programs, visit the GAERF website at: www.gaerf.org or phone toll-free: (866) 381-9839.

About OutputLinks Communications Group
The OutputLinks Communications Group (OLGroup) is a global marketing and publishing firm narrow-casting to various segments of the print and communications ecosphere. Its 12 divisions operate in multiple languages with magazines, newsletters and online platforms supported by marketing and content development services. OLGroup provides senior decision makers and technologists around the world with information of strategic importance to their company’s print and communications objectives. For additional information about the OLGroup visit its website at: OutputLinksCommunicationsGroup.com.